Bubble Football is exactly what it says on the cover, playing football in bubbles! The fun twist on the sport results in heaps of laughter and bumping around that will no doubt make you feel like a young kid who is excited to play again. Rules are the same as normal football – who ever scores most wins – however fouls are no longer penalised but rewarded with roars of laughter as you try and knock your opponent down to the ground

The laughter can be enjoyed outside on our astro turf or in our sports hall (depending on your preference), that will lead to fantastic jumping, shooting, bouncing and tackling in the giant bubbles.

Sessions are tailored to our customers and can have an event completely based around football or for those who can’t stand football and just want to bash over their mates we can introduce a number of different games to make this happen!

A typical session will include 45mins of bubble football followed by games including Bubble Bulldog and games aimed at bashing the stag/hen/birthday boy or girl or even your boss!

For ages 13 yrs+